A crowd at Woodstock festival

Burn It Down!

Directed by Celia Aniskovich & Tim Travers Hawkins
"BURN IT DOWN! is a document of that microcosm of conflicting forces in US culture and society. One that is playing out once again with fervour.”

1999. The US economy is flourishing, there’s a renewed sense of hope, freedom of expression and posterity for all. It feels like the hopes of America's youth in 1969 are finally being realised and there’s a sense of promise for the new millennium. Most notably in the music scene, alternative artists make their mainstream breakthroughs with Nu Metal, Rap Rock, Grunge and female rockers are finally given centre stage. It feels like providence. So in July of 1999, on the 30th anniversary of the iconic 1969 festival, Woodstock kicked off in revery. But what was supposed to reflect the original’s vibes of love and empowerment of America’s youth and misfits, erupts into an uncontrollable riot that became the darkest moment of alternative music and some say Generation X.