'Twas the Fight Before Christmas

Directed by Becky Read
"The fight before Christmas is an accessible, universal Christmas film with a deeper message about differences and tolerance at its heart.”

In 2014 North Idaho, eccentric, Christmas loving lawyer Jeremy Morris and his wife Kristy accidentally throw a surprise hit Christmas party in their front yard. Over 8 days, thousands attend to see the live camel, choir, and costumed characters, and the proceeds are given to two local charities. Spurred on by its success, and convinced they've found their calling in life, Jeremy and Kristy immediately look for a bigger house to do the show the following year.... on an even bigger scale.But their plan hits a snag when they find their dream house is in an HOA whose board think the event might contravene several of the codes of the neighbourhood. And Jeremy Morris is not a man who likes to be told ‘no’.Hell breaks loose when the board send a letter to the Morris’, the contents of which sparks the beginning of a 4-year battle as Jeremy claims he is being discriminated against on the grounds of his religion. His neighbours claim that’s a misinterpretation of what was written.The neighbourhood descends into chaos - amid allegations of vandalism, death threats and all sorts of foul play, Jeremy cries ‘War on Christmas’ and a militia turns up. The neighbours become convinced something else is going on behind the scenes as Jeremy vows to do his show every year, even bigger, regardless.Director Becky Read pieces together the very different version of this story and – amidst relentless politicisation of everything and in a story with no real winners- does not ask the audience to take sides but ask how they deal with their own neighbours when our different rights collide.